Saturday, June 5, 2010

Obama not above political manipulation after all

It is not the content of this article that caught my eye, but the source. The AP normally sugarcoats any criticism of Obama, but this article actually ties him to "Chicago" style politics. Although not an indictment, the article does hint at political "sleaziness".

Barack Obama, being from Chicago, knows there are two basic ways to play foul in politics.

One is to break the law.

The other is to keep it legal, if shadily close to the line. It may not stink to high heaven, but it smells a little.

In the 2008 campaign and after, Obama said he'd tolerate neither as president, and he set the bar high.

How's he doing now?

Well, it's not all smelling like roses on the political front. Obama not above political manipulation after all

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