Sunday, June 20, 2010

Washington's Double Standard by Ken Connor

The excerpt below about Obama's hypocrisy in sending his children to private schools is but one of the examples of laws being made for political reasons, all the while exempting Congress from the poison fruits of their legislation.

The article's conclusion is that all we have to do is vote them out. This is getting harder and harder to do as Congress continues to throw money at special interest groups, puts more and more people on the public dole, and expands its budgets for "constituent info", otherwise known as "campaign financing at taxpayers expense". We must institute term limits before it is too late.

There's recently been some chatter in the blogosphere debating the need for a new amendment to the Constitution – one that would require laws passed by Congress to apply to lawmakers equally as they apply to the rest of American citizens. The feasibility of such a measure is questionable, and currently there is no such amendment being proposed in Congress; nevertheless, the enthusiasm behind the idea reveals a growing sentiment among many Americans that the federal government no longer represents the people, but rather presides in Washington as a group of self-interested elites that long ago lost touch with reality.

President Obama's administration has been tainted with the stain of hypocrisy from Day One, when news broke that he'd chosen to send his daughters to the elite private Sidwell Friends School while simultaneously allowing his Democratic cohorts in Congress – at the behest of the powerful National Education Association, no doubt – to kill a scholarship program that afforded 1,700 of D.C.'s most underprivileged kids to escape the District's failing public school system. Apparently the President, along with 38% of Congressmen who elect to send their kids to private schools, sees nothing ironic about denying American parents the right to choose the best school for their kids.

What the voters must realize is that we don't need a Constitutional amendment to make our representatives change the way they do business. All we need to do is show up on election day and change who we send there.
Read Townhall article here.

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