Monday, June 28, 2010

Is Democracy In Danger? Obama Can Now Suspend the Internet?

Many Presidents have promised things, on the campaign trail, that they were unable to keep because of the need to compromise with the other party. Obama has no excuse. He inherited a majority in both the Senate and the House and had the freedom to do what he wanted. And that he did. He abandoned the campaign rhetoric and his moderate disguise, and went full steam ahead with his liberal ideology. Anyone who doubts his intentions should look at his czar appointments and they would not be confused any longer.

What amazes me is that the Democrat Congress is a willing participant in the destruction of our liberties. Most recent case is the bill giving Obama the authority to suspend the internet for four months during a time of emergency. Just enough time to conceal a "Coup d'├ętat" from the "pseudo media" bloggers, the only media that is not in the tank for the progressive agenda.

I don't think Obama has this in mind yet, but legislation and his unconstitutional use of Executive authority is heading in the direction Thomas Sowell points out in his Townhall article, Degeneration of Democracy.. Who knows what a narcissist like Obama will do when faced with this kind of opportunity?

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