Thursday, June 3, 2010

Comment on O'Reilly's Take on Obama's Handling of Oil Spill

O'Reilly last evening spent most of his time defending Obama, saying that no one has an answer to stop the leak and Obama should not be criticized for it. I agree with him on this, but O'Reilly is missing the point. It is not the response to the actual leak, it is his lack of response by the Federal government to the cleanup and remediation efforts to help locals attack the problem.

The Feds, in supporting their "Green Nuts", have delayed the dredging efforts to create offshore man made "reefs" to keep the oil from washing ashore in Louisiana, and have approved only about half of what was requested. Looks like the "half a--" measure in the Afghanistan troop surge all over again.

So far, Obama has been on top of it, studied it, had Holder go down and threaten BP, stopped offshore drilling, and proposed a tax increase on the entire oil industry to fund his green energy debacle. Some in the administration have even proposed nationalizing the oil industry like Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela. What does any of this have to do with cleaning up the environment? Some skeptics might believe that the lack of response is the Saul Alinsky approach to more government control. More taxes, government takeover; "never let a good crisis go to waste".

Hear that today, he is going south again for another photo op and to pick up another tar ball. Problem solved.

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