Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AP Grasps at ObamaCare 'Fix It' Straw Amidst Public Discontent

The idea that they can fix a 2,700 page bill that none of them have read and does not include one of the greatest savings, tort reform, is ridiculous. Any bill that creates over 300 new government departments and agencies to control our lives deserves no better than to be trashed, deep sixed, (repealed).

Amidst the general public discontent with ObamaCare, the Associated Press is spinning that it is not repeal that is favored but merely a bunch of revisions. Left unsaid is if all these revisions are necessary, why did Congress pass such a flawed bill in the first place? Let the AP spin cycle begin:

Anxious backers of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law are starting to see a flicker of hope.

While polls show Americans remain sharply divided over the Democrats' landmark legislation, they aren't clamoring for its repeal.

Really? A few paragraphs later AP cites a poll contradicting its own statement about the public not favoring ObamaCare repeal:

Americans' nuanced outlook is reflected in some recent polls. For example, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey found the public tilting against the law 44-38, with 36 percent saying the quality of their health care would get worse, and only 17 percent believing it would improve. Not exactly a vote of confidence.

Plus the latest Rasmussen poll shows a whopping 60% of the public favor repeal with only 36% opposed. The AP also laughingly asserts that vigilant bureaucrats will somehow fix the many ObamaCare faults. Read article here.

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