Saturday, May 1, 2010

The New Leaders We Need

This article defines my reasoning for supporting the Tea Party movement. We need new leaders that look at centralizing power in Washington DC as anathema to our Republic form of government.

There's too much power in Washington DC. It's dangerous for everyone, and we need to reduce it. Crush it really. Power belongs to the states and the people. When Washington DC tries to increase its own power, they commit sedition against the sovereignty of the people, and we should have the courage to call them out on it. But that's not enough. We need to stop them too.

This is why I love the Tea Party, where I can find kindred souls. Its why I vote Republican. Its why I want to throw the bums out.

But if all we get is another bunch of bums, what's the point? Unfortunately, party affiliation is no guarantee that a new bunch of bums won't try to rule us as subjects any less than the last bunch of bums, even if they fly a different colored banner. Who can tell the difference between the red Bloods and blue Crips in the gang-wars of Los Angeles?

Those of us who know our history -- who know how the Roman Republic, after seventy years of internal bickering lost its freedom, and became the Roman Empire under a benign dictator known as Augustus Caesar -- see the accumulation of power in a single city as an evil that crosses all party lines.

If we fail to reduce the power of Washington, DC by returning it to the states and local governments and private individuals operating within their own spheres, then there is no America worth saving. There is only power. Those who possess it. Those who do not.

We can all just sit in front of our TVs and let the powerful toss us a few spare bones, as if to a pet dog, while they gorge themselves on filet mignon every single day.

At present we have only one political party offering a smidgeon of hope that it will commit to reducing the power of Washington DC. The Republicans. Unfortunately, many of the Republican Party bosses have fully vested themselves in the power of Washington DC -- in national rather than local power -- and for this reason we need a thorough house-cleaning.

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