Sunday, May 16, 2010

Green product pushed to aid in oil leak clean-up

If this is proven to work and non-toxic it should be tried as soon as possible on this dreadful leak. Of course, the EPA that is in charge of protecting our environment, is the roadblock and it may be 60 days before this can be dispersed. For the sake of our environment, let's get the government and greenies out of the way. In their search for power, they do more harm than good.

MOBILE, Alabama (WALA) - Oil from the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion is creeping toward Louisiana, lingering near marshes and polluting the water.

William Loiry is Chairman of the Disaster Response Leadership Forum. He came down from Washington and is working with Green Earth Technologies, a company that said it can fix the damage done by the massive spill with an environmentally safe product, G-Marine Fuel Spill Clean-up.

"It's a 100 percent non-toxic. They have enough solution to treat three million gallons of spilled oil immediately. It's made out of pieces of plants. It's a new nanotechnology. What it basically does is eats the oil and transforms it into fish food within a matter of hours. If you happen to walk on a tar ball you can use this product to wash off your skin and there will be no hazardous effect whatsoever," Loiry said.

"We can aerial spray it in the sea. We can put it in the boats and dump it out and the strength is so strong, it's about one gallon to every acre," Rodney Bath, Vice President of Government Sales, added.

"The plane you see behind me is an Air Tractor 802, it's purposely built and designed as an aerial delivery platform," Jeff Southern with Evergreen Flying Service added.

The company has seven of those planes ready to go out, but before they hook up the product for dispersal, they need to get approved by the EPA.

"This product has been used over the years but it was privately labeled about seven or eight months ago. EPA basically wiped the registry of all the products on that registry. So we had to go back and re-register a product. It's a 60 day process at the soonest, so it's a lot of red tape," Bath said.

"Ironically, BP is already using this product at one of their oil refineries in Wyoming," Loiry added.

Loiry is hoping the EPA process can be expedited, so they can lessen the impact along the coast.

Green Earth Technologies said it was supposed to meet with Governor Bob Riley Thursday to talk about using the dispersant product. They headed to the Incident Command Center in Louisiana to continue their push.
Green product pushed to aid in clean-up

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