Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Americans Are Shocked & Appalled: By Tony Blankley

I put myself in the "shocked and appalled" category of American citizens and will do my part in trying to move those "quite concerned" citizens into my camp. It is up to you to do the same. Tony Blankley is right, now is the time to move to scale back Big Government. If it doesn't happen now, we may all be doomed to a socialist society.

This country is divided into three parts concerning national politics. About a third think President Obama is moving in the right direction, with many of them impatient for the president to be bolder with his leftist agenda. Somewhere in the vicinity of 40 percent to 50 percent of Americans are shocked and appalled at the nation's rush toward bankruptcy, socialism, fundamental transformation of our way of life and the permanent weakening and impoverishing of America. And some 15 percent to 30 percent are quite concerned about the current state of the country but see no imminent crisis and think that with some substantial adjustments, Mr. Obama's efforts may end up being useful. (The foregoing numbers are merely my subjective judgment, not based on any particular poll.)

If the percentages of the shocked and appalled are close to 50 percent while the concerned but not panicked are closer to 15 percent, November probably will see a transforming election, with the Republicans taking over both the House and Senate. I'm obviously in the shocked and appalled group.

But it is that third category -- concerned but not panicked -- that will decide the election.

We need determined men and women who share the view of us shocked and appalled Americans that we are in crisis -- and that we cannot wait until 2013 to stop the madness and start the rollback. Winning a majority of Republicans in November without electing a majority for radical, immediate rollback will be essentially as good as losing. As a Republican Party man for 46 years, I have, until now, always thought it was better to win a majority any way we can.

But not this year. This year it really doesn't matter that good men such as Mr. Bennett get thrown out on their ear. I became radicalized on the matter of the national deficit and debt upon the administration's release of its 10-year budget -- the most irresponsible federal document ever released -- which plans for unsustainable debt and does not even propose a path out.

In the face of financial ruin of the nation, it was unconscionable to pass a new health entitlement that almost all Americans know will add trillions to the debt. Next year, as Mr. Obama almost certainly will call for a new value-added tax to do the "responsible thing" to reduce the deficits he and Congress have created, it will be equally unconscionable to support such a tax. The only solution to the debt and deficit that will not kill economic growth is to cut spending, not raise taxes. We cannot afford to elect Republicans or Democrats who would be "responsible," and raise taxes.

Our job is to describe as vividly and credibly as we can just how bad "bad" will be if we don't drop almost everything and start cutting entitlements and everything else next January.

If we can induce a sense of urgency in just a few of those not yet shocked and appalled -- we can win in November with politicians ready to cut today to save tomorrow.
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