Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wayne Newton Slams Obama for ‘Irresponsible, Arrogant’ Shot at Las Vegas, Hypocrisy of Fundraising There

The mayor of Las Vegas doesn't know why Obama is picking on the city. I can proffer an answer. With Obama's Muslim upbringing, he probably believes that Las Vegas is "Sin City" and anathema to his religion. After all, according to Homeland Security, the city is high on the list of Islamic terrorist targets.

In my opinion, Obama's targeting of Las Vegas is no accident. It's deliberate.

On Saturday’s Huckabee show on FNC, as the show was broadcast from Las Vegas, singer Wayne Newton appeared as a guest to discuss the economic situation in the city, and, when asked by host Mike Huckabee his reaction to President Obama’s remarks from last year attacking businesses for indulging in trips to Las Vegas, Newton did not mince words: "I think that it was the most irresponsible, arrogant thing I have ever heard a President of the United States say."

Fellow guest and Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons related that hundreds of conventions were canceled after the President’s words, costing the city a fortune in lost business: "There's no doubt that the people of Las Vegas, the city of Las Vegas were severely hurt by the President's remarks. About 400 conventions, business meetings, and that were canceled because of his remarks; $100 million was lost by the community at that remark. People lost their jobs. This city took a real blow when the President made that remark. He was wrong then, and then he said it again, and I don't understand why he keeps picking on Las Vegas."

Newton jumped in again and suggested that the President has been hypocritical in holding political fundraisers in Las Vegas: "He was not so incensed with Las Vegas, that he then decided to come here and do two fundraisers."
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  1. The President was not "targeting" Las Vegas in that clip. He wasn't telling us not to go there. He was referring to the beneficiaries of bailouts (Wall Street/banks) and their "gambling" ways. Shame on Huckabee, Gibbons and Newton for taking that clip way out of context. I hope Huckabee's Saturday night infommercial for middle-aged to elderly white folk gets cancelled right quick! And somebody pleaee, please put Wayne Newton back into his crypt!! Yikes!