Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Melting Pot is Broken - It's a particular problem with Hispanic immigrants:

The Mexican invasion is significantly different from immigrants of the past in that generation after generation is failing to assimilate into our language and culture. The illegals retain their loyalty to Mexico, not the US and thus are a major security problem during demonstrations such as those protesting the Arizona enforcement law. There are millions of Mexican Americans that enjoy the benefits and freedoms inherent in our form of government. Those illegals that don't learn the language and still profess allegiance to Mexico are a threat to the American way of life and should be dealt will under the existing laws. Obama, enforce our laws.

This article also discusses the high cost of legal immigration and the quotas assigned to Muslims. Citing the demographic changes in Europe where the Muslim population is expanding at an alarming rate, our policy is questioned. Since we are at war with Islamic terrorists, is it time that tougher restrictions are placed on the number of Muslims allowed to immigrate here?

Many Americans carry in their minds a family memory of upward mobility, from great-grandpa stepping off the boat at Ellis Island to a present generation of professionals and technology workers. This story no longer holds true for the largest single U.S. immigrant group, Mexican-Americans. Stephen Trejo and Jeffrey Groger studied the intergenerational progress of Mexican-American immigrants in their scholarly work, "Falling Behind or Moving Up?"

They discovered that third-generation Mexican-Americans were no more likely to finish high school than second-generation Mexican-Americans. Fourth-generation Mexican-Americans did no better than third.

If these results continue to hold, the low skills of yesterday's illegal immigrant will negatively shape the U.S. work force into the 22nd century.

Our Immigration Policy Should Focus on Bringing in the Best and Brightest. Being allowed to become an American citizen is a great and tremendous privilege, not a right. Moreover, we don't allow immigration to be nice or to "share the wealth." We allow immigration to our country because it benefits the people who are already American citizens -- and it does. Overall, immigration is a plus for our country. However, our immigration system is broken through and through. We don't fully enforce the laws on the books against illegal immigration and we create reams of paperwork, exorbitant expenses, and ridiculous wait times for the people who want to come here legally.
4 Immigration Issues That Are Too Hot To Handle

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