Sunday, May 30, 2010

From a Mexican American - Mexico gives nothing, takes much

There are millions of Mexican Americans in the US that don't march in the streets carrying Mexican flags, that don't object to the Arizona immigration bill, and who just call themselves Americans. They are proud, hard working people who resent those illegals who feel free to violate our borders and then march in our cities against our laws. Offsetting this patriotism is Barack Hussein Obama, our President, who doesn't seem to care that our country is being invaded and raped, and will not honor his oath of office to protect and defend.

'Why do you betray your people?', someone recently asked me. Just because we are of the same color does not make us a common people.

Since the day I was born, I have been an American. Who I am, what I have, and what I have done with my life, I owe it all to this country I call home: America.

Mexico has never been there for its people, and even less for an American like me.

Mexico has never protected me from any foreign or domestic enemies. It has never taken care of me in times of need; it has never paid my hospital bills, never given me a job, has never given me an education and has not allowed me to collect welfare. It has not even given me a mere meal.

But Mexico has given to me the burden of supporting its people, and has made me tolerate its drug dealers, its human traffickers and criminals. We have had to endure many violations committed on us. We have had our national security violated by all who come here illegally; we have also seen murders, rapes, assault, theft and many more crimes committed. Some will say they don't do any of those crimes, that they are a good, honest hard working people. Coming here illegally is not a good way to immigrate; it is not an honest way. While many do not commit any federal crimes, they do take from us, by leaching off of our welfare system, overcrowding our hospitals, and depleting our school system of money that belongs to our children while not paying a cent into the American system.
Mexico gives nothing, takes much

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