Saturday, May 22, 2010

States Gearing Up to Follow Arizona's Lead on Immigration

Just because someone wants to introduce a bill to mimic the Arizona immigration law, doesn't mean it will have enough votes to pass. If you want this type of law, you must remove the liberal/progressives from your state legislatures and the Governor's mansion.

While Arizona faces the scorn of the White House and local governments across the country for its immigration law, lawmakers in several states are looking to follow the Grand Canyon State's lead.

Lawmakers and politicians in Texas, Rhode Island
, Utah and Georgia are among those who, in the month since Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the law, have announced plans to introduce similar legislation.

The officials say states need to take matters into their own hands to tackle illegal immigration and in turn reduce the taxpayer cost associated with large undocumented populations in their hospitals, schools and prisons. They draw inspiration directly from the Arizona law, bucking the trend of local and state officials who have protested Arizona and called for boycotts against the state.

Utah Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, a Republican, told the Deseret News, after the Arizona law was signed, that he's already drafting a bill based on the Arizona law for next year's session. He said Arizona's action makes similar action in Utah all the more necessary, because, "when we've seen tougher legislation in Arizona a lot of illegal immigrants just move here."

A Texas representative is looking to do the same in her state. And in Georgia, a Republican candidate for governor is pledging to work toward signing "similar legislation" if he's elected.

"I agree with the Arizona governor and Legislature that the federal government has failed miserably at protecting our borders and enacting sensible solutions that would protect our states, counties and cities from bearing the enormous costs associated with illegal immigration, from emergency room
visits to public schools to the criminal justice system," said Nathan Deal. Read article here.

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