Wednesday, May 26, 2010

US warns over Beijing’s ‘assertiveness’ - Taking Advantage of Obama's Weakness?

Obama has weakened our economy and, with his "apology tour" has shown weakness on the international stage. China owns a good portion of US debt and may believe that, together with Obama's weakness in foreign affairs, they can capture these contested areas without a whimper from the US.

The Admiral also said "the US viewed China’s growing influence in Asia as positive".

Are we about to throw Japan under the bus as we have Israel?

The commander of US forces in the Pacific has warned that China’s military is more aggressively asserting its territorial claims in regional waters.

Admiral Robert Willard told the Financial Times: “There has been an assertiveness that has been growing over time, particularly in the South China Sea and in the East China Sea.”

He said China’s extensive claims to islands and waters in the region were “generating increasing concern broadly across the region and require address”.

The admiral’s remarks follow complaints by Japan in recent weeks about aggressive behaviour from a Chinese coastguard vessel in contested waters and a Chinese military helicopter in international waters.

Some of China’s neighbours have been watching the People’s Liberation Army’s modernisation and efforts at expanding the navy’s reach with unease, and defence experts see this expansion as one factor behind a developing arms race in south-east Asia.
Read Financial Times article here.

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