Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama vs Palin - I'd Take Palin

Ran across an article on Yahoo News about Palin's views on Obama's ties to big oil. The article was critical of Sarah and the comments were less that kind. I decided to add the following to the discussion:

Palin may not be ready for President right now, but neither is Obama. His naivete in foreign policy, policies that will bankrupt the country and turn the US into Greece, his dissing of the Tea Party, made up of mostly mainstream Americans, his no tax pledge, but many "fees", his narcissistic need to be on TV twice a day, everyday (or so it seems), his lack of effort to secure our borders to secure Mexican votes when his "path to citizenship" gets enacted, his payoffs to the unions to secure their votes, his appointment of Holder as AG who has failed to prosecute Black Panthers and Administration officials who offered a bribe to Sestak, and his loose talk about Las Vegas that cost the city $100 million and many workers their jobs, not to mention the failed stimulus plan that was just another "cherry" for his supporters and did nothing to create jobs or ObamaCare that 70%of the people know will create a huge bureaucracy, will not reduce costs or improve health care and will, out of necessity, because of the lack of doctors, create rationing.

Yeah! I feel all giddy about Obama's qualifications. At least Palin's policies would not bankrupt the country and destroy our freedoms.

Oh! And by the way, regarding the topic above, ask Gibbs why the administration has not demanded that BP close off the well completely. Isn't it strange that all the solutions up to now, that have been approved by the Administration, would enable BP to siphon off the oil into tankers and sell it at a profit?????

Read the anti-Palin Yahoo piece with leftist comments here Palin accuses Obama of being in bed with big oil

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