Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Views on the Opposition to the Arizona Immigration Law

I had a blog hit from the site Latino Decisions today and decided to comment on their article about Hispanic support against the Arizona law. This is my comment: "As a white guy who is more worried about the direction or our country toward socialism and bankruptcy than I am about the color of your skin, I would probably be more sympathetic with this misreading of the Arizona law, if more Mexican Americans were more understanding of how the US became the magnet for immigration that it is today. In overwhelmingly voting for Democrats, Mexican Americans are saying they want to change the USA to look more like Mexico. If that is the case, why are you here. You know the answer, your system does not work.

Come to our country legally, assimilate, learn the language and reap the benefits. Hard working, honest illegals, let's get work visas and, over time, gain citizenship. All I ask is that you respect our Constitution and educate yourself so that you are not just pawns of the liberals that are destroying our country."


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  2. Benito,
    Since the Arizona law mirrors the Federal law, I don't believe it is unconstitutional. It certainly is not racist. The fact that the majority of people that will be affected by the law are of Mexican origin, only reflects the reality that most of those that chose to break our laws and come to the USA illegally are Mexican. Come here legally, you are welcome.

    We have, as I see it, three problems caused by our porous borders. 1. The strain on our health & welfare resources. 2. The criminal element that comes along with the hard working Mexicans. 3. The unknown number of Islamic terrorists that take the same route into our country.

    We want to keep the USA a beacon of hope for all peoples. We can only do this if we secure our economy and enforce the laws of the land.