Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ed Koch on Israel and Obama

I was working in NYC during the time Ed Koch was mayor. Although I disagreed with most of his politics, he was an interesting character and usually was brutally honest. This interview seems to indicate he has not changed.

Koch: They should not be tried in NYC or any other city. They should be tried on a military base. This incident shows that the city must protect against other possible terrorist attacks. The impact on the business community would be substantial.

NRB: Why do you support a military tribunal?

Koch: Different rules of evidence. We do not want to destroy any confessions.

NRB: Do you feel the Democrats have lost their way regarding national security?

Koch: In 2004 I crossed party lines and supported George W. Bush because I did not think John Kerry understood the dangers of terrorism to the same extent as Bush.

NRB: But you seem to not be on the same page as Bush domestically yet you supported him?

Koch: Terrorism and how we responded to it trumped every other issue. I have no regrets.

NRB: Do you regret supporting President Obama?

Koch: I made a mistake in thinking Obama was as good as McCain on the terrorism issue.

NRB: Would you vote for President Obama today?

Koch: No

NRB: Do you still consider yourself a Democrat?

Koch: I consider myself a very good Democrat, one in the image of Humphrey and Scoop Jackson. I am a liberal with sanity.
Read interview here.

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