Sunday, May 9, 2010

Common Berries Through Nanotechnology May Help Solve Global Power Problems

Article: A common variety of berries may help solar energy to become more popular and cheaper. It may make solar energy as cheap to produce as the fossil fuels being used now. Research has found that when solar cells are coated with a dye made from pokeberries, it helps these cells to significantly improve the absorption levels of solar cells.

The biggest advantage of these berries is that they are resistant to drought and can easily grow in rocky and infertile soil. These pants are also very cheap to produce and can even be produced by rural people in poor African countries. It can be of great help in places where there is sunlight but no power lines.

As these plants are weeds they can be grown anywhere, irrespective of terrain or soil, stressed researchers. Research is going on currently to make solar energy cheaper and easier to adopt around the world.

This research was undertaken by researchers from Wake Forest University’ Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials. They have already secured a patent for their invention from European Patent Office for this revolutionary product. Their patent request meanwhile is pending with the U. S. Patent Office.

Energy conservation experts feel that these developments can seriously improve energy related problems in many growing and poor countries around the world.

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