Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poll news for Nevada's Democrat Harry Reid: 62% there don't like incumbents or the healthcare bill

The Tea Party movement appears to be alive and well in Nevada.

A new state poll of Nevadans out Monday from Rasmussen Reports confirms what has become increasingly clear in recent weeks: American voters are angry about numerous things and their prime targets of opportunity in 2010 are incumbents.

According to the new poll, fully 62% of Nevadans think it would be a good thing if most incumbents up for reelection across these United States lost this coming November.

An identical 62% of Nevadans also think it would be a good thing if President Obama's recently signed healthcare legislation was repealed; that figure is slightly higher than the national repeal rate.

Unfortunately for Nevada's five-term, 70-year-old senior Sen. Harry Reid, he is not only an....
... incumbent up for reelection this year, he was one of the top driving forces behind Obama's unpopular healthcare legislation. It appears he's going to need those millions from two Obama fundraisers in-state.
Read Los Angeles Times article here.

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