Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting Back to Basics

This candidate appears to be going at it the "right" way. Like his background also. Hope he didn't make too many enemies as an NCAA basketball referee.

Right now, Democrats in Congress are desperate to ram as many of their radical ideas through Capitol Hill as possible. There is talk of a value-added tax on top of the income taxes we already pay, weighing our families down with greater and greater levels of payments to Washington. There are threats of more "economic stimulus" bills, where the only thing being stimulated is the growth of government. There are veiled threats of legislation that would limit our citizens' Second Amendment rights. Frankly, I'm a little surprised this crowd in Washington isn't looking for a way to tax our Second Amendment rights; it might be more profitable for them.

It's not a surprise that the feds are looking for more taxes and fees from us; our national debt is at the back-breaking point. The problem is taxes and fees and heaping more financial pressure on taxpayers isn't the way to do it. Our nation has reached a point where with debt eating away at our national productivity and competitiveness, the sustainability of our government will actually be in doubt a decade from now.

Imagine, a federal government unable to pay its bills to defend our country, to provide those basic tasks our citizens expect the federal government to undertake, never mind the tasks we'd prefer bureaucrats not get involved in. This is not the America any of us want to pass to the next generation.

It's up to us, good, commonsense conservatives, to clean up this mess. It's up to us to fight for the policies that shrink the size of government and expand opportunity for our citizens, to lift the burden of taxes from the backs of our fellow citizens and get America back on track.
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The author, Jim Tracy, a Tennessee state senator, is a candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 6th district. He is a small business owner, former teacher and coach, and former TSSAA & NCAA basketball referee. Jim and his wife Trena live in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

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