Saturday, April 17, 2010

A bloody 12 hours in Chicago; 7 dead, 18 wounded

Results of Chicago politics. Is this what you want for your country?

This from The Old Jarhead:
Time the US got out of Blagobamaville. The war is lost. Fratricidal, intra-racial violence is rising. Since it was mostly Southside, I’m assuming the most or all of the victims were black, as well as most of the perps. Is that racist of me? Want to bet I’m wrong? If not, you are racist too! Note there were many others wounded by gunfire as well. There were four blacks murdered, apparently by black thugs, the night before as well. Funny how black thugs can murder black folks (or white, Asian or Hispanic folks for that matter, but it’s mostly black folks they slaughter) every night with hardly a peep from the black race hustlers who call themselves black leaders. But let a white person use the “N” word….. The lives of average black people are only valuable if they can be used to get power by playing the race card. Otherwise they are buried and forgotten in days. Excerpt: It was a night of exceptionally heavy violence on a warm summer-like night in Chicago. Six people were killed and at least 11 others were wounded across the South Side in an area stretching from the Back of the Yards neighborhood to the Calumet Heights neighborhood to the Morgan Park neighborhood. There were no arrests in any of the shootings.

Read article from Chicago Breaking News Center here.

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