Saturday, April 17, 2010

Obama's Education Plan Against Parental School Choice

Obama is offering $900 million? Maybe it is the US taxpayer being robbed of $900 million.

According to the graph, more money down the drain. Until we fix the welfare state that sentences minorities to life in the slums, and get rid of unions in the public sector, we cannot expect this to get better. See my previous article re: Chicago violence. This is all part of the same problem.

Today, at an event sponsored by the America’s Promise Alliance, Obama announced that more federal money will be granted to the states in order to improve their failing schools:

President Barack Obama is offering $900 million in grants to states and school districts to turn around low-performing schools.

The White House asserted that the $900 million will target the nation’s soaring drop out rate. In fact, 1.2 million students drop out of high school each year—that’s 7,000 a day. The Obama administration firmly believes that it is necessary to focus on the schools with graduation rates lower than 60 percent. In addition, the administration deems it necessary to focus on students early in their education and ensure a safe learning environment in order to reduce high school drop out rates.

Since 1965, American taxpayers have spent $2 trillion on public education. In inflation adjusted dollars, federal education spending per student has practically tripled. So what effect will Obama’s $900 million education grant have on student achievement? Chances are that this money will make absolutely no difference. Below is a graph prepared by Andrew J. Coulson, an education policy scholar at the Cato Institute, that shows no positive correlations between federal spending per pupil and test scores in reading, math or science.

As you can see, throwing money at the problem has absolutely no effect on test scores and yet our politicians continue to do it.  Why?  Citizens want desperately to have our children have the best education available and have been brainwashed to believe it is a money thing.  Politicians know they can buy votes through the funding of education and the teacher's unions promote it. Read Freedom Works article here.

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