Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bring Arizona Law to the Rest of the Union; Fire ICE, Napolitano

Debbie Schlussel, writer of this article, has the right idea. All states should enact the Arizona immigration law which copies the Federal law that is not enforced by Napolitano and the government. It is the citizens who suffer and it is the responsibility of government to protect them. If you have any contacts in your state government, ask them to submit the bill: Arizona SB1070

Agents at ICE–Immigration and Customs Enforcement–have repeatedly told me they are not allowed to arrest any illegal aliens unless they are violent criminals. Moreover, even to arrest those, they have to fill out about seven tedious forms AND get approval from ICE headquarters in Washington. That isn’t how a nation polices its borders and interior and enforces immigration laws. It’s how a government intentionally invents extra layers of bureaucracy to ensure that large numbers of new Obama voters and workers for greedy businesses who don’t want to pay Americans a decent wage are allowed to enter the country and stay here. The Obama-niks don’t want Arizona’s law because it betrays their claim that we need amnesty for illegal aliens because we “can’t” solve the problem. Uh, Barack, Yes. We. Can. Arizona will enforce the law and show we need to send illegal aliens packin’– not roll-out the amnesty welcome mat–to tackle the problem.

If ICE agents were allowed to do their jobs hassle-free, Arizona wouldn’t need this law. And ICE agents would be national heroes, rather than the much derided, demoralized men with guns and badges that they are. But Obama’s people–Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano and ICE Moron John Morton–have emasculated them even worse than was the case under Bush. Moreoever, the Obama administration made it easier for illegal aliens to seek asylum and disappear into the U.S. before trial. It’s fitting that while President Obama is busy condemning the Arizona law enforcing laws he is duty-bound and swore to enforce but won’t, his ICE people are trying to hire Harold Hurtt, a man who opposes local cops enforcing immigration laws, to head up ICE’s program working with local cops to enforce immigration laws.

Arizona is not the only state over-run with illegal aliens. They are everywhere, taking jobs from hard-working, desperate Americans and undercutting wages. They are committing crimes against Americans–violent crimes. And they need to go.

If the feds won’t do it, the States need to pick up the slack. And Arizona has bravely taken the lead. Time for everyone to follow.
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