Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Judicial System & The Obama Administration Just Blinded Us To Terrorist Attacks

Excerpt: The Obama administration has further blinded us to pending terrorist attacks in a mad game of Russian Roulette to see who is right – President Bush or them and the far left. Sadly for Americans, it is our lives being used to prove the liberal left is correct. Some of us have already died (14) proving the stubborn and naive liberals wrong, and now many more are at risk in this dangerous game being played by the Obama administration.

Today comes more bizarre news on the liberals’ strained ‘legal logic’ as it applies to fighting terrorists . Some months back the FIS Court determined there was (or is) a technical error in the surveillance law fixes President Bush and Congress put in place in 2008. This determination apparently makes certain types of simple, normal data collection on communications illegal (still wondering why precedence is not working here).

The end result is Team Obama missed new leads (Abdulmutallab) because they turned a blind eye to threats like al Awlaqi, who now is not just a legal target of surveillance but of assassination by his native government – without trial. Talk about hypocrisy. They horribly bungled one Bush era lead. So far their track record looks damn shabby.

What is worse, the fix to this is trivial – but the Obama administration won’t make the fix.

Some House Republicans have argued that the suspension of collection creates an intelligence gap that undermines the government’s ability to track and identify terrorist networks, according to officials familiar with the matter. Frustrated about waiting for a remedy, these Republicans say the gap can be closed with a technical fix to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the officials said.

The reasons for not fixing this problem are either political or ideological. Either way they are excuses bordering on criminal negligence.

But running blind for months when a simple legislative solution is at hand? What kind of lazy, bureaucratic crap is that? Wake up liberals: Process does not trump protecting Americas. We are at war, not preparing a legal case. Holder should be on the sidelines, not leading the charge into self destruction. When the next terrorist attack slips through, there better be investigations and hearings and heads should roll. Because this time, there will be no excuse.
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