Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time to Change the Rules of Engagement

This is a wake up call to what we conservatives are up against. To most of us, these tactics are anathema, but this is a war and we must find a way to counteract these Alinsky tactics.

Most of us are all familiar enough with Saul Alinsky's playbook by now to know that his philosophy relies heavily on the technique of marginalizing the legitimacy of one's opponent. Since our current president is an Alinsky disciple, we are experiencing unprecedented levels of blatant stereotyping of conservatives. The worst of it originates from the Obama administration itself, which is intentionally fostering a tone that equates conservative views with terrorism. Obama himself labeled his own grandmother a "typical white person." One must assume that he did not intend this as a compliment. Nor was he attempting to flatter when he described "bitter" Americans who "cling to guns or religion."

This tactic is obviously carefully calculated and pre-meditated. The intention is to marginalize any and all who pose a threat to the left's power structure. The most prominent example is the debate over global warmi -- excuse me, climate change. To disagree with the canon of leftist environmentalism is tantamount to admitting to being an enemy of the planet, and, by default, all of humanity. This technique is doubly clever, since it instills fear of a nebulous peril while simultaneously casting progressives as the only heroes who are able to save us from impending doom. And they're scaring the hell out of our children in the process.

It would be hypocritical to make the claim that all liberals are intent on skewing the truth to promote their ideology. Many are good people with good intentions -- naïve, perhaps, but still decent human beings. This is not about the average liberal voter; it is about the ruling elite class of progressives and those who willfully support their sinister agenda.

In order to get elected, progressives must campaign as something that they are not. They must hide the true nature of their agenda. They must lull the people into a false sense of security in order to create dependency. They exploit the idealistic mindset of so many of their followers. A grand utopian agenda cannot be achieved under the auspices of a truly free system that allows individuals to flourish. Communism (which is progressivism in its fully matured form) by definition requires that the individual submit to the collective, at the behest of the ruling elite class. History has proven over and over again that the only way to attempt such governance is through duplicity and, eventually, forced compliance.
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