Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

On this Earth Day, it is time that we take a step back and recognize what a good number of people and the government really want. I believe that most people are concerned about our planet and do what they feel appropriate to keep it healthy. Some overzealous well-meaning citizens want to impose their beliefs, whether supported by scientific fact or not, on everyone. And still others, including our government, use the environment as a political tool to tax and control. Many of our children have been indoctrinated in the schools to be "eco-warriors. If you read the article you will see how Emma was affected. It is time to take that step back and celebrate life on this "Earth Day".

Now, if the planet is not about to crash and burn, why turn children like Emma into eco-warriors? Why condition them to take three-minute showers and lambaste their elders?

The Left's underlying goal: to convince all of us that we don't matter. Our happiness, our cleanliness, our ease of living, our money, and our's the government's business, not ours. While Marxist theory celebrates the proletarian, in actuality, people become interchangeable cogs in the collective wheel.

With the promotion of environmental hysteria, the government keeps the masses frightened and in survival mode. When you traumatize and terrify people, they're malleable. As stated succinctly by Adolph Hitler himself, "Terror is the best political weapon."

Another potent way to dominate people? Blame and shame them; make them feel defective if they trash a bottle or enjoy a hot bath. Self-hate and shame are unbearable states of mind. People will do almost anything to get out of them.

Simply put, the Green Meanies care about power, not the planet. Does anyone out there really believe that Obama gives a hoot about the spotted owl?

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