Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paying the Price for Obama

This is a rather humorous take on ObamaCare.

Call it karma, cosmic irony, or just plain socialism, but many of the very groups most in support of Obama will be hit hardest by ObamaCare.

It's so ironic that after decades of trashing Europe in their universities, liberals ache for the Europeanization of America and its health care. The American left hopes that ObamaCare will nanny a system where Americans subsidize one another's health care through some unprecedented form of collectivization and redistribution. For many Obama progressives, nationalization of health care is the ultimate goal; socialized medicine is the final objective.

But do they really understand how that would work?

And so, with that premise, I get to my main point: Let 'em pay. Or who, exactly, would pay, or pay less, if a socialized system is developed?

Here, too, many of Obama's staunchest supporters would bear the financial burden. They would disproportionately pick up the tab for people like me.
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