Friday, April 2, 2010

Paul Ryan Wins Dallas

The Heritage Foundation conference in Texas highlighted speaker was Paul Ryan, Rep from Wisconsin who excelled in his opposition to ObamaCare. Rep Ryan is a rising star in the Republican party.

Matthew Spalding, Heritage official and author of the best-seller We Still Hold These Truths, puts it to a pre-lunch session that "We are at a turning point in our constitutional history…We don't know what is going to happen." The "deep debate" going on isn't about health care or cap and trade, it's about "America and where we are going." We have to "go back to principle -- it's as simple as that, because things that have been true up to now are still true." Americans sense that they "don't govern themselves any more." "It's late in the game, but it's not too late to get involved. I think things are set up in almost a perfect way and that a major shift could occur."

Paul Ryan, a hero already to the audience on account of his unsparing assaults on the premises of health care reform, Obama-style, has no doubt a momentous choice lies ahead of Americans -- to continue in the progressive rut being worn in the soil, or…wait a minute, that's no choice.

"We are quickly approaching a debt crisis in this country." Our present trajectory endangers our fiscal stability, such as it is. In a few decades, to pay for the government we've ordered up, the bottom -- bottom! -- tax bracket will be 25 percent, the highest bracket 88 percent. This, according to Congressional Budget Office calculations. Climate legislation alone, as contemplated by the administration, would require another $1 trillion in spending. And this on top of stupendous shortfalls in our ability to finance Social Security and Medicare without reconfiguration of the pay-in, pay-out scheme.

"We are reaching a tipping point in this country." The figures cascade from Ryan's fluent tongue.

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