Friday, April 2, 2010

ObamaCare or Federalism? There Can Be Only One

There may be more recourse to ObamaCare than we think. If the author is correct, the burden it is placing on the States budgets that must be balanced by law could create a backlash even among the blue states.

In the Democrats’ blind zeal to pass their leftist policies, they are by default writing checks they know they can’t cash. That massive bout of irresponsibility doesn’t just end with aimless numbers on a congressional budget page. Contrary to what the president and party Democrats believe, our nation’s debt is “not all on paper…”

Every statewide elected official… woke up last Monday morning with the stark realization that they now have to pay for the mess Congress has created. And I guarantee you every one of them began the thought process with similar words, “Unlike Washington, we have to balance our budgets. What are we going to do?”
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