Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Man With the Plan - Paul Ryan

This American Spectator article is an in depth analysis of the extent of our fiscal problems and Ryan's "Roadmap for America's Future", his proposal to bring the US budget in balance within a short time. In his "Roadmap", Ryan tackles the entitlements and other programs that Congress has always believed to be political suicide. Maybe, just maybe, if we elect enough statesmen to Congress in the next few elections, we will be able to finally bring our deficits in line.

"Today, the man who shoulders the burden of the progressive experiment most seriously is not older Americans from 40 up, but rather those under 40 who will have to pay higher taxes and get fewer benefits. No generation has been more forgotten than that generation that is now children."

Without changes, Ryan says, younger Americans are guaranteed to grow up in a nation in which "the best century will be the last and not the current one." He says, "That's the path we're on right now. The sooner we can help Americans see that, the sooner we can get the kind of changes we need to prevent it."

There are arguments in favor of gradualism, and those on the right certainly shouldn't live in a fantasy world detached from what is politically feasible. But the looming fiscal crisis is so severe and approaching so rapidly that conservatives can't afford to postpone making the case for something on the scale of what Ryan is proposing, if not his specific plan. During this year's congressional races and the next presidential primaries, any candidate who attacks Obama's reckless spending should be put to the Ryan test. That is, anybody who expects to be taken seriously as a limited government conservative should endorse specific solutions to tackle the debt. To avoid discussing these issues during an election year means preemptively surrendering to the reality of a leviathan state. To walk away from this fight guarantees that future generations will be forced to live in the wreckage of a collapsed United States. If the conservative movement was built for any reason and exists for any purpose, it is to fight this battle.

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