Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily Light - Monday 4/12/10 - Don't Sweat the Little Things

Was listening to Joel Osteen this evening talking about making a big deal about little things and thought about all the petty things both sides of the political spectrum harp on. Does it really matter what Obama calls Islamic Terrorists? Everybody knows who the terrorists are. How about the word corps. We know he was not talking about a dead person. The Dems have a problem with the words "death panel" but everyone knows this was an exaggeration but with some validity. Name calling by liberal politicians are at an all time high and the conservative media spends a good amount of time reporting on it.

We have many problems that require serious discussions. The Democrats are proceeding full speed ahead with their radical agenda, and I think much of the debate is being sidetracked by utilizing these "little things" as diversions as they pass their bills in the middle of the night on weekends. Let us, as conservatives, engage in the fight for freedom and "not sweat the little things".

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