Friday, April 9, 2010

Cornhuskers Choose Life

My beliefs allow abortion in the cases of rape, incest and extreme maternal endangerment, however, I believe late term abortions are murder. There are, most likely, some inconsistencies here, but this just points out some of the problems many people have when dealing with the subject of abortion. Nebraskans are in for some spirited debate.

A bill put forward by the state of Nebraska, hoping to impose further limits on a woman's right to choose, has the Cornhusker state once again embroiled in debate, this time over abortion. The proposed Abortion Pain Prevention Act seeks to address the issue of late-term abortion by making the procedure "illegal after the 20th week of pregnancy...because of some medical evidence that a fetus can feel pain at that stage of gestation."

Although no one disputes that at 17 - 19 weeks of gestation a baby can hear its mother's voice and move around -- pro-choice America still question the extent of the ordeal a 20-week fetus experiences when being suctioned or burned during instillation saline abortion. Harvard Medical School anesthesiologist Roland Brusseau told the "Omaha World-Herald that the topic was ‘complicated and controversial' [because] when a fetus undergoes a medical procedure in the womb...doctors usually use an anesthetic."

What an innovative idea! If the infliction of undue torment is a concern for women committing murder, maybe forced miscarriage advocates can circumvent the effect of the Abortion Pain Prevention Act by proposing anesthetizing unwanted infants, in utero, before forging ahead with dismemberment. What's more, an anesthetization proposal could serve to alleviate maternal guilt by ensuring doomed offspring expire by way of pain-free execution.

Cornhuskers Choose Life

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