Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Austin Hill :: Townhall.com Columnist Note to Doctors: Now I'm "Entitled" To Your Service

If it weren't for the ethics the majority of doctors possess, they could do what many union members do and go on strike to get what they want. In this case doctors deserve to be free to practice medicine to the best of their abilities and to use the knowledge they have obtained through years of schooling and internship in the performance of their duties. Now with the passage of ObamaCare, everyone is entitled to a piece of their doctor and the government will dictate how they practice.

I'm not promoting this, but I'll bet a doctors' strike would show Obama and the Democrat Congress the folly of their ways. But they won't strike, they will just retire.

Responding to claims that President Obama’s “healthcare” agenda is a matter of economic re-distribution, Biden stated "it's a simple proposition to us: Everyone is entitled to adequate medical health care. If you call that a 'redistribution of income' -- well, so be it. I don't call it that. I call it just being fair -- giving the middle class taxpayers an even break that the wealthy have been getting."

The broader implications of this “fairness” theme are the crux of the matter. But let’s look carefully for a moment at these specific remarks.

It sounds compassionate for a politician to say “everyone is entitled to adequate medical health care,” but stop and consider the implications of this statement. Vice President Biden – along with President Obama and the majority of the members of the U.S. Congress – have confirmed in the minds of at least some portion of the American public that they are “entitled” to the services of another human being.

Those “other” human beings are, of course, Medical Doctors, people who invest huge chunks of their time and energy and often delay gratification of their personal lives for a decade or more and frequently incur enormous personal debt just earning the right to practice their craft. And now the U.S. federal government says that “the rest of us” are entitled to a piece of these individuals. In previous generations, the idea of being entitled to the services of another person was called “slavery.” Can we really call this “fairness” today?
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