Friday, April 9, 2010

America's Work Ethic Going the Way of France

You may not like what Matt Towery is saying in this article, but sometimes the truth hurts. It is getting to the point in the USA that there is almost nothing manufactured here and a majority of jobs are in the service industries. We must become competitive again and create jobs that produce tangible goods that people want and need and we must get back our work ethic. Only then will the USA return to greatness.

With so many people unemployed and needing a job, I can't help but wonder: Why are so many employed friends and associates of mine not working this week? This brings to mind the French. They essentially close down their country in August. And I have doubts about how hard they labor the other 11 months.

None of this applies to readers of this column, of course! All of us think we work hard. Many of us do. These are productive people. The ones in touch with reality.

But for too many, it looks like holidays and various other mini-celebrations have turned a fairly regimented America into a land of people who have jobs, but with an asterisk by the word "job." Follow the calendar along with me and see if you agree that things have changed over the last generation or so.

We have a federal government that's moving toward European-style health care, European-style taxation and a more European-style attitude toward everything, from international relations to immigration. (Ask the English how their immigration policies have worked out.)

With so many people still out of work, perhaps we need to redefine what "work" really is. America doesn't manufacture like it used to. Our predominantly service economy mostly amounts to everybody just passing the same dollar among themselves -- mine to you for your service, and yours to me for mine.

A nation without a work ethic will never stay strong. Maybe that's the root evil our current instability. I'll have to give that some thought at the beach tomorrow.

Just kidding.

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