Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hollywood's Liberal Soapbox Dooming Otherwise Decent New TV Programming

I like Jimmy Smits, but in reading this article, I had to comment on what I believe to be the problem with many new shows.

Comment: I watched the first episode and determined then to stop watching it for the same reason I stopped watching Law & Order. I get enough of that liberal claptrap from the President and Congress and don’t need it when I want to be entertained.

If I were a network exec, I would, in no uncertain terms, tell Hollywood to keep their liberal politicking out of my programming. Then some of these otherwise decent programs would have a chance

NBC is stopping production on new legal drama Outlaw while keeping the show on the air. Starting tomorrow, the freshman series will go on production hiatus while the network monitors closely its ratings performance. Eight episodes of Outlaw have been produced; 3 of them have already aired, with 5 more in the can. If there is a ratings uptick in the next 2 weeks, production on the show will be restarted. If not, it will become permanent.

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