Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pelosi - Socialist Statements

This is the clip discussed on O'Reilly last evening that raised the question, "Is Pelosi advocating redistribution of assets?" This also raises the question of whether the "Liberalistas" believe they can take your assets and give them to their voting base.

I believe this question has already been answered in the theft of bondholders' rights in the auto takeover only to give equity to the unions. In addition, they are looking at your 401K's to solve the union pension deficit.

Speaking at a United Steelworkers event on Monday, Nancy Pelosi railed against the wealthy and income inequality in America:

We’re talking about addressing the disparity in our country of income, where the wealthy people continue to get wealthier, and some other people are falling out of the middle class when we want to bring many more people into the middle class. But that disparity is not just about wages alone. That disparity is about ownership and equity. It’s all about fairness in our country.

Read The Blaze article here.

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