Sunday, October 31, 2010

Voters abandon Obama in droves

The Tea Party is making a big difference in the political climate of the nation, drawing independents and Democrats to the center right, favoring the Republicans. We here in SC have to wait another four years for the Tea Party to have a crack at Senator Lindsey Graham, a left leaning Republican who is prone to over-compromise in negotiations with the far left.

This chart by the Pew Research Center is very promising.

A chart to make Democrats' blood run cold

John Ward, writing in the Daily Caller, characterized a chart on Page 8 of a new poll issued by the Pew Research Center that shows a major shift away from the Democratic party in 28 different categories of voters.

In 2006, 17 categories favored Democrats, helping the Democrats sweep to majority control in both the House and the Senate.

Now, in 2010, 23 of the 28 categories favor Republicans. Even more important, 22 of the 28 categories support Republicans by 49 percent or more.

Here is the Pew Research Center chart that shows the dramatic shift of the electorate away from Democrats and toward Republicans in the last four years:

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