Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Need "Simple Language" Legislation To Save Our Republic

You hear Congressmen state, what many believe is a ridiculous stance, that it would take a staff of lawyers and many days to understand what is in the bills. Guess what, I consider myself a somewhat educated person, and have tried to do research on a few bills. I have also noticed that some of the more popular organizations enlist volunteers to read and analyse the more complicated bills such as ObamaCare.

The bills are impossible for any one individual to dissect and understand. That is the problem. Our elected officials are not doing their job. They are relegating the details to career staff lawyers who have agendas of their own.

It is about time that Congress adopt a requirement that a "simple language" version of each bill be prepared and voted on. Then there would be no need for the "legalese" version. After all, the "legalese" is there only for lawyers to find loopholes to get reprieve for their clients.

Bills that we all can read and understand will give us the "transparency" promised in the Obama sound-bites and strengthen our Republic.

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