Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Soulless White House by James Lewis

Back in July of "09" I referenced an article written by Dr. Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. that reviewed Obama's actions up to that point and described him as a narcissist. Read the blog post "Is Obama a Narcissist?" here.

This article goes into more depth, now that we have had more info to gather, and has come to basically the same conclusion. He is not one of us and cannot relate to the masses. Read the article and, whether you agree in totality or not, you will look at our 44th President a little differently.

I think Barack and Michelle Obama are secret totalitarians -- in spirit, if not yet in fact -- who believe mostly in their own superior intentions. Michelle really does think the country needs an all-powerful Food Mom who will make the kids eat right so they never get fat...even though Michelle can't control her own appetite any more than the rest of us can.

Human beings love to eat because our ancestors lived in constant fear of famine. Humans got fat when food was plentiful because the chances were good that a drought or a freeze was coming soon to kill the crops and the cattle. Fat is how our bodies store food. Fat people can make it through the lean years when skinny people get sick and die.

So Michelle Obama is fighting against her own genes, just like the rest of us, and pretending the guv'mint can fix it. But fat is not something the government can dictate, short of a North Korean man-made famine. Even Kim Jong-il can't control his own appetites and is now dying from the effects of chronic diabetes. Good luck on that one, Michelle.

Barack is the same, except different. Where Michelle is essentially a normal control freak, Barack is special because he's always been raised by nostalgic Stalinists, beginning with his adolescent mother and his surrogate father, Frank Marshall Davis -- angry poet, porn artist, and Stalin's CPUSA rep in Hawaii. You have to feel sorry for the child Barry Soetoro, raised by enraged adults. His real father fled his wife and baby, then his mother dragged him to Jakarta to live in the bloody aftermath of a civil war that killed 200,000 people. Then she abandoned him -- sent him back to Hawaii to be cared for by the likes of Frank Davis.

Children who are treated like unwanted baggage can become alienated and objectified. They tend to see people as things because they have no experience of trustworthy adults who will be there for them for as long as they are needed. Little throwaway orphans stop thinking of themselves as special individuals. They always fear another abandonment. They blame themselves for adults walking away.

Read the rest of the American Thinker article "A Soulless White House" here.

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