Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rudy Giuliani On The Ground Zero Mosque: “This is a desecration”

Rudy has it right. Bloomberg has it wrong. Simple facts.

The Politico is reporting, today, what apparently flew under the radar three weeks ago, when “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani made some strong comments about the plans to build a mosque on ground zero:

“It sends a particularly bad message, particularly (because) of the background of the imam who is supporting this. This is an Imam who has supported radical causes, who has not been forthright in condemning Islamic (terrorism) and the worst instincts that that brings about.

“So it not only is exactly the wrong place, right at ground zero, but it’s a mosque supported by an imam who has a record of support for causes that were sympathetic with terrorism. Come on! We’re gonna allow that at ground zero?

“This is a desecration,” he added. “Nobody would allow something like that at Pearl Harbor. Let’s have some respect for who died there and why they died there. Let’s not put this off on some kind of politically correct theory.

“I mean, they died there because of Islamic extremist terrorism. They are our enemy, we can say that, the world will not end when we say that. And the reality is, it will not and should not insult any decent Muslim because decent Muslims should be as opposed to Islamic extremism as you and I are.”

All that stands in stark contrast to the PC mutterings of Mayor Bloomberg as concerns the mosque.

“What is great about America and particularly New York is we welcome everybody, and if we are so afraid of something like this, what does that say about us?” asked the mayor.

“Democracy is stronger than this. You know the ability to practice your religion was one of the real reasons America was founded. And for us to just say no is just, I think, not appropriate is a nice way to phrase it

“. . . If you are religious, you do not want the government picking religions, because what do you do the day they don’t pick yours?”

Dude…we’re talking about Ground Zero, here…sacred ground – not the freedom to practice religion in the United States.
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