Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why are so many Americans hostile to Islam?

I commented on the article:"I didn't see in this article a discussion of whether Islam is a true religion or a form of government. In many Islamic countries sharia law is mandated. If Islam were just a religion, with respect for others beliefs, then I would have no problem. However, in most Islamic countries there is no tolerance of other religions. In addition, European countries are being overrun by Muslims and are having major problems with their enclaves and their disregard for the countries laws in favor of sharia, which is an affront to women with extremely brutal punishments.

Your article, which appears to bash Republicans, is disingenuous in that it does not address this major element of Islam, which is a major factor in our feelings toward that religion/government system."

Nearly a decade after 9/11, less than a third of the country feels favorably toward Islam. Most Americans reflexively oppose an Islamic cultural center near ground zero, and the lower the Christian president's approval ratings, the higher the percentage of people who think he's Muslim.


Beyond the simplistic debate — are we patriots or bigots? — pollsters, historians and other experts say that the nation's collective instincts toward Islam have been shaped over decades by a patchwork of factors. These include demographic trends, psychology, terrorism events, U.S. foreign policy, domestic politics, media coverage and the Internet.

Why are so many Americans hostile to Islam?

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