Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dotty's Conservative Recipes - Conservative Peppercorn Steak ala Creme'

Dotty's Conservative Peppercorn Steak ala Creme'

1 lb Thune tenderloin 1 1/2 inch slices
2 tbs  O'Reilly olive oil
4 tbs Pawlenty Peppercorns (milled)
1/4 cup Christie cream (heavy cream)
1/4 cup Rubio red wine (Burgundy)
2 cloves Gingrich garlic chopped
1/2 tsp Sarah salt
1/2 tsp Lindsey lemon juice (RINO)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Coat both sides of Thune tenderloin slices with Pawlenty peppercorn and brown in O'Reilly olive oil in oven proof skillet over medium high heat, 3 minutes per side, and set aside on heated plate.

Reduce heat and add Sarah salt, Rubio red wine, Gingrich garlic,  Lindsey lemon ,and Christie cream to skillet and let simmer for 5 minutes or until thickened

Return Thune tenderloin to skillet and place in oven for 6 minutes, turning over after 3 minutes.

Serve with sauce over Newt's noodles or Condoleezza rice.

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