Thursday, August 12, 2010

Obama’s Imperial Presidency

What has concerned me about Obama, using the Arizona immigration battle as an example, by putting in roadblocks to the proper execution of our immigration laws, and failure, for political purposes, to protect our borders, he is in violation of his sworn duty to uphold the laws that Congress has enacted.

In addition, by expanding the reach and authority of his executive departments, such as the EPA, he is usurping the power of the legislative branch and assuming power never intended for the Executive branch by the Constitution.

As BILL McCOLLUM says in this article: "On immigration, the White House is trampling constitutional principles",

In the words of our second president: We are a government of laws, not of men. This key principle, which places our Constitution above our leaders, set young America apart from the governments of monarchical Europe. Regrettably, President Obama is endangering this venerable tradition by deliberately and systematically seeking to expand executive power well beyond its proper boundaries. In the process, he is trampling both the constitutional authority of Congress and the sovereign rights of the states.

What is truly remarkable about this claim is that the Arizona law is entirely consistent with federal statutory law. The conflict arises because the president has conspicuously chosen not to enforce a federal immigration law, even though his first duty is to “faithfully execute” the law.
Obama’s Imperial Presidency

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