Friday, August 13, 2010

U.S. warned of threat worse than Katrina, plague, WWII - EMP

Rather than dealing with the real problems, such as this, that our Federal government should be protecting us from, the Congress has chosen to deal with clean energy, a suspect crisis, in a way that increases control over our live. I would prefer that they protect my life from proven imminent danger, but then again, how would that give those in power more control?

The issue of EMP dangers to the Earth, either from a CME, a coronal mass ejection, which basically is an eruption of power from the sun, or from a nuclear-triggered EMP wave that truly is intended to destroy a society, have been the subject of multiple reports in recent months.

"This is clearly not something you ever want to experience firsthand, it could lead to millions of casualties,"' he said.

WND reported just days ago that the U.S. House had authorized plans to defend America's power grid against such dangers, but the members of the Senate left citizens to fend for themselves, eliminating the contingency plans.

He noted that an electric storm that was recorded in 1859 had little effect because of the agrarian nature of the nation, where people were only a matter of steps from milk, eggs, butter, meat and even grain.

Further, the social unrest from diminishing and unstable food and water supplies also could be catastrophic, he noted.

"The fallout from that would be in a category … we have difficulty thinking about," he said.

Kappenman said in the interview the events recorded in 1859, and again in 1921, are not only probable to repeat, but inevitable.

"There is nothing that has changed in the physics of the sun … that will preclude a large storm from occurring again in the future. These are a certainty to occur in the future," he said.

In March 1989, he noted, there was a storm that produced a blackout all across Quebec. It developed from the first indicator of trouble to complete blackout in 92 seconds and "we came very close in the U.S. to a blackout that could have extended from New England … all the way across to the Pacific Northwest."

At that time, the storm was ranked as among the most powerful ever, with maximum levels of 500 nanoteslas per minute, a ranking of energy surge.

But Kappenman said he's documented in history storms that reached 5,000, 10 times larger.

Failing to prepare, he said, is like Russian roulette.

"We may have pulled the trigger on an empty barrel this time but sooner or later that luck will not always hold out for us," he said.

According to Bartlett, the National Academies of Sciences predicted in a 2008 report that a solar geomagnetic storm as severe as the Carrington event that occurred in 1859 could inflict $1 trillion to $2 trillion damage.

Bartlett said the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee decided to dump the House plan, H.R. 5026, which directed "the Secretary to establish a program to develop technical expertise in the protection of systems for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy against either geomagnetic storms or malicious acts using electronic communications or electromagnetic pulse."

Instead, adopted was a Senate plan, S. 1462, which instead promotes "clean energy."

Read WorldNetDaily article "U.S. warned of threat worse than Katrina, plague, WWII" here.

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