Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leftists Are Neither Progressive Nor Liberal

It is about time that we "call a spade, a spade". As The American Thinker reviews the definitions of the terms liberal and progressive, we become well aware that the Democrat left is anything but liberal or progressive. Their penchant for regulation, redistribution of wealth through taxation, and control, are policies that are old, tired and proven losers. The Democrat left is now the REGRESSIVE party.

The left changes monikers whenever their chosen title becomes too easily identified with their collectivist political intentions. They seized the title "Progressives" in the early 20th century and adopted "Liberal" when the progressive image became tarnished. Today, with liberalism inextricably linked to collectivism, the left has returned to the progressive label. But one problem remains. Words have meanings that defy distortion, and neither "progressive" nor "liberal" accurately reflects the left's governing philosophy.

The case has been made, on the pages of American Thinker itself, that identifying the leftist as a Progressive or Liberal is erroneous. It has been stated that policies declared to be progressive or liberal are actually backward and authoritarian. Thus, the leftist has been aptly identified, based on policy and result, as regressive.

The left cannot be allowed the privilege of defining their nature. Today's "Progressive Liberal" desires to rob us of our autonomy and render us wards of a collectivist state. Their label should reflect their innate desire to move society backward. Leftists are regressive in every sense of the word. The Regressive label has been proposed for them before. Let it become their perpetual identifier.
Read The American Thinker article ?Leftists Are Neither Progressive Nor Liberal" here.

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