Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wisconsin, Indiana Democratic legislators find a safe haven from tough choices

Democrats are hiding in Illinois and shirking their duty to the taxpaying citizens of Wisconsin. An entertaining article in the Chicago Tribune surfaced today.

If there's one place that fleeing Democratic state lawmakers from Wisconsin and Indiana can find refuge, it's here, behind the Jell-O Curtain in Illinois.

"They're not hiding out," insisted Illinois Gov. Jell-O, also known as Pat Quinn.

"They're visiting Illinois," he told Fox Chicago News. "And we're happy they're here. I talked to one of their leaders, I think on Sunday, and they're always welcome."

Not hiding out? Talked to their "leaders"? Dude. They aren't space alien invaders, Governor. They're Democratic politicians running from their jobs to prevent votes on important issues.

Actually, they're fleeing responsibility in a time of massive budget deficits in their own states, which is why they're called the Flee Party. And they've come here, where it's ideologically safe.

If they had stayed at work, they would have had to choose between supporting their public employee union allies who fund and work for their political campaigns, or supporting the exhausted taxpayers who are tired of paying for those contracts and fat pensions.

Read full Chicago Tribune article here.

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