Thursday, March 3, 2011

Terror threats rising as FEMA orders $1 Billion in dehydrated food

One article I read theorized that the supply buildup was for an emergency such as an earthquake on the New Madrid fault. In any case, purchases by FEMA seem to be real and are extraordinary in scope. What does FEMA know that we do not, that is the question. Is it environmental, terrorism, civil unrest as in Greece or an economic collapse and food shortages caused by overspending, only the SHADOW government knows.

We live in dangerous times.

Terror threats appear to be on the rise as FEMA has rushed a $1 Billion order of dehydrated food in the event of attacks on domestic targets in the US.

This is also coming on the heels of one of the largest terror drills performed by the US Navy on American soil, as Operation Solid Curtain is taking place this week.

In an article Tuesday from the Beaufort Observer, many of the largest suppliers of dehydrated foods in the country are dropping their distributors and customers to dedicate their resources to supplying a billion dollar FEMA request and purchase.

Single functions or events such as FEMA requesting a purchase of survival food might not stand out as peculiar when it is their responsibility to ensure they are mission ready for unforseen events in the US, but couple this with other pieces of the puzzle, such as the Navy drill of Solid Curtain, which is intended for: "drill" involving all military, and it's a drill based on a severe terrorist attack.

and the public had best be aware of something major potentially occurring on our soil in the near future. Global events across the world such as the revolutions and protests, the rising spike in oil, the falling dollar, food shortages, and unrest in Wisconsin and Ohio, are bringing us to the point where crisis may take place, whether from domestic or foreign sources.

Read full Examiner article here.

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