Friday, March 11, 2011

The Soft Evil of Barack Obama

Make no mistake, the liberal/progressive movement is in full attack mode and we conservatives have been retreating for many years. It has gotten to the point where the liberals have control of the Senate, the Presidency and, marginally, the Supreme Court. Last November's election is promising in that it appears the conservatives, with the help of the independents in the Tea Party, are waking up from their long slumber.

This article mentions that there are thousands in the Administration that follow Obama's lead. A purging is needed of, not only those in elective offices, but also the "worker bees" in the agencies surrounding Obama. Anything less and we will become the SSA, Socialist States of America.

Evil. It has always been there, pushed back in the United States by American exceptionalism and the Judeo Christian traditions of what Ronald Reagan famously called -- borrowing from the Bible -- a "shining City on a hill." "God bless America," Reagan would say, emphatically and often. But God is not in fashion among our political and media elites and, with the presidency of Barack Obama, the lights of the city are dimming and evil has been drawn from the shadows.

Now we have a leader in the vanguard of a malevolence pushing into the mainstream through a thousand barely perceptible actions and words. It is tiptoeing into our culture, permeating our homes and institutions, shaping lives and expectations and quietly remaking our worldview in the radical, leftist image favored by our educated elites. Such is the evil of Barack Obama, an incredibly soft evil that threatens the future of a nation that, for all of its existence, has led the world in freedom and opportunity.

Read full American Thinker article here.

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