Monday, March 28, 2011

Is Media Matters breaking the law in its 'war' on Fox News?

If the far left cannot win with the facts, they turn to deception and untruths. The Soros backed hatchet organization intends to attack FOX News, and FOX employees along with Beck and the owners of News Corp in an attempt to discredit them in the public eye. They tried this once before threatening Beck's advertisers and it succeeded for a short period of time.

The original article in POLITICO was written by Ben Smith who appears to have no problem with the tactics proposed.

Good luck in getting the Obama IRS to rescind Media Matters' 501(C)(3) status.

Media Matters, the George Soros-backed legion of liberal agit-prop shock troops based in the nation's capital, has declared war on Fox News, and in the process quite possibly stepped across the line of legality.

David Brock, MM's founder, was quoted Saturday by Politico promising that his organization is mounting "guerrila warfare and sabotage" against Fox News, which he said "is not a news organization. It is the de facto leader of the GOP, and it is long past time that it is treated as such by the media, elected officials and the public.”

To that end, Brock told Politico that MM will “focus on [News Corp. CEO Rupert] Murdoch and trying to disrupt his commercial interests ..." Murdoch is the founder of Fox News and a media titan with newspaper, broadcast, Internet and other media countries around the world.

There is nothing in the Politico article to suggest that Brock, who was paid just under $300,000 in 2009, according to the group's most recently available tax return, plans to ask the IRS to change his organization's tax status as a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt educational foundation.

Under Brock's definition of Fox News, it appears he is setting MM on a course of actively opposing all Republican candidates. Brandon Kiser at The Right Sphere blog argues that this new statement of MM's mission means it must change its tax status.

Beyond the partisanship issue, explicitly declaring that your purpose as a tax-exempt non-profit public foundation is to interfere with the commercial interests of somebody else's legal business enterprise falls nowhere within the scope of purely educational activities.

Read full Washington Examiner article here.

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