Monday, March 14, 2011

Democrat Thuggery in Its Worst Form

Twenty-two states have "right to work" laws "which prohibit agreements between trade unions and employers making membership or payment of union dues or "fees" a condition of employment". Wisconsin is not a "right to work" state, and is suffering from aggressive public labor unions, with high salaries, benefits and suffocating work rules.

The Wisconsin unions, with the support of Obama's campaign organization, not being able to compete with reason, have resorted to intimidation, death threats and thuggery to advance their cause.

If you are a Republican, and a government union employee, you see much of your dues going to Democrat candidates who do not share your beliefs. These same Democrats vote to increase the power of the unions.

Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican legislature would have been negligent if they had not heeded the will of the voters and reined in the power of the public unions. It is sad that they exempted the police and firemen's unions from the bill, bowing to the unspoken threat to public safety.

After Democratic state senators fled the state to block a fair vote, and after union members took over the capitol building, and after Republican senators received death threats, Wisconsin state Sen. Robert Jauch, D-Poplar, labeled Republican passage of a bill to reduce public employee collective bargaining power "political thuggery in its worst form."

And the left wonders why so much of America doesn't take it seriously.

Gov. Scott Walker won election last fall with 52 percent of the vote. The state Senate went from 18-15 Democrat to 19-14 Republican. The Assembly went from 50-45 Democrat (with two independents) to 60-38 Republican (with one independent). Sen. Russ Feingold lost the seat he'd held for 18 years, and the House seat Obey held for 41 years went Republican.

It was a Republican electoral victory of historic proportions. And the Democrats and public-sector labor unions are trying to undo it by shutting down the legislature, intimidating the majority, and removing fairly elected politicians simply because they disagree with them. In Wisconsin, it's not the Republicans who are subverting the will of the people.

Read full American Thinker article here.

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