Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nanotechnology Could Make Batteries in Mobile Devices Obsolete

The battery on my laptop just flashed me a message that I should consider purchasing a new battery. Since the last time I was on battery power it lasted only 15 minutes, I guess they are right. Where are those "nanotech" laptops when you need them.

Seriously, This advance in technology could transform the communication world.

According to the abstract in Science, the researchers were able to achieve “programming currents as low as 0.5 μA (SET) and 5 μA (RESET), two orders of magnitude lower than state-of-the-art devices.”

What this may translate to for your mobile phone is that a smart phone will consume so little energy that it may not even need a battery but could run on its own thermal or mechanical energy. (Battery manufacturers are not going to like that part).

“I think anyone who is dealing with a lot of chargers and plugging things in every night can relate to wanting a cell phone or laptop whose batteries can last for weeks or months,”

Read full IEEE article here.

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